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About MFR, Inc.

Maryland Family Resource, Inc. was incorporated in March of 1995 as a Social Service and Mental Health agency offering a range of direct service capabilities and professional and technical consulting services. Its three founding partners constituted a wealth of individual, professional experience in the fields of social work, juvenile justice, and clinical psychology. At its inception, the agency provided services primarily to children, adolescents, and their families under the rubric of what was then termed "Wraparound" services. The concept entailed service provision that was developed by an interdisciplinary team, was community based, was based on the strengths of the children, youth, and family, and included the delivery of coordinated, highly individualized services in various life domains. This concept was endorsed by the State of Maryland as part of its Systems Reform Initiative and Family Preservation Plan (see Senate Bill 588, Plan for Implementation, January, 1993).

MFR's stated mission was to "provide a comprehensive system of support services which is responsive to the needs of families and youth in the communities in which they reside". In this regard, MFR recognized and embraces the healthy dynamic tension between assessment and therapeutic principles of traditional treatment structures, and the more activist/advocacy features of a non-traditional community based format. It further recognizes the need to evolve out of the sound but practical, strategy of "wrapping" identified families and youths in services that work." At the time, MFR, Inc. began receiving referrals from such county agencies as Commission for Children, Youth and Families, Department of Family Services, Department of Juvenile Justice, Project Homebound Case Management Unit, Return/ Diversion Program, Family Preservation Unit, and the Local Coordinating Council (LCC) and Board of Education. Through the purchase of service agreements with these agencies, MFR, Inc. provided such diverse direct services as individual, group and family therapy, therapeutic mentoring and therapeutic recreation, rites of passage groups, case management, psychiatric and psychological evaluations, foster and natural parent training groups, conflict resolution training, and helping to develop academic skills. MFR employed a multidisciplinary staff of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, MSW's, Special Education consultants, Certified Recreation Therapists, Music and Art Therapy consultants, and paraprofessionals in rehabilitation and mentoring.

In 1997 the state of Maryland initiated its new Public Mental Health System that privatized most community mental health programs. In line with this new initiative, the agency achieved State Licensing for two programs: an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC) and a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP). The PRP provides both on- and off-site rehabilitation services. Off-site services are provided to consumers in all geographic areas of the county. Our PRP similarly provides rehabilitative and case management services to all age ranges (children, adolescents, and adults).

The OMHC provides a full range of psychiatric, evaluative, and treatment services to children, adolescents, and adults. The OMHC is enrolled with Maryland Medical Assistance as an OMHC and with the District of Columbia's Office of Health Care Finance.

In 2005, the agency expanded and became certified as a Core Service Agency for the Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) of the District of Columbia, becoming the first out-of-state CSA for DMH. While this program provides similar clinical services as the OMHC, the CSA also provides Community Support and Community Based Intervention serves. As a Choice Provider for the Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) of the District of Columbia, MFR, Inc. largely provides services to children, adolescents, and young adults who were or are involved with the foster care system. Learn about our services.

We participate in the CRISP health information exchange (HIE) to share your medical records with your other health care providers and for other limited reasons. You have rights to limit how your medical information is shared. We encourage you to read our Notice of Privacy Practices and find more information about CRISP medical record sharing policies at www.crisphealth.org.